Throughout the year, Arts On Division is responsible for a number of art and cultural activities in downtown Somerville. This can not be accomplished without your support.

A supporter may donate to any area(s) or choose their individual interest. All donors will be listed on the AOD website and at the festival by name and logo (if supplied). If donors prefer, AOD will exhibit corporate information and/or sign at the Exhibits and Work Shop Spaces.

To support a specific activity, please use the following list as a guide to determine your level of contribution. Please take a moment to review our 3 signature activities and help support those that are dearest to your heart.

  1. Festival of the Arts - $3,000
    Performances, materials, music, activities

  2. Jazz Festival - $5,000
    Operations, musicians, and marketing

  3. Gallery On Division - $50,000
    Operations, labor, marketing, exhibitions

Please fill out the below form and mail in with your tax deductible check to 50 Division Street, Suite 501, Somerville, NJ 08876

Arts On Division is a registered 501C3 non-profit corporation.
Exempt ID # for Arts on Division for tax write off purposes for a donation. 464-015-131/000 Issue 7-11-14

Click Here to Download the Donation Form