About Arts On Division

Arts On Division Mission

Arts On Division is a charitable organization within the meaning of Section(501)c3, dedicated to building community through the arts and arts education. Promoting the advancement, development and support of the visual, musical, physical and literary arts with the belief this will positively contribute to the quality of life for all residents and contribute to economic and community development in the Borough of Somerville, New Jersey and its surrounding areas.

Arts On Division is a registered 501C3 non-profit corporation.

Executive Committee

  • Rick St. Pierre, President

  • Susan Antin, Vice President

  • Deidre Rosinski, Secretary

  • Bernard Navatto, Treasurer

  • Colin Driver, Trustee

Board Trustees

  • Patrick Scaglione, Somerset County Freeholder

  • Ann Sobel, Vice President, TD Bank

  • Shaun Daley, Owner, Gallery on Main

  • Michelle Mundt, Owner, Gallery on Main

  • Richard Reitman, The Reitman Group

  • Stephanie Taylor, Global Director, Becton-Dickinson

  • Janet Cantore-Watson, Artist, Educator

  • Stephany Jones, Former Executive, JNJ international


Arts on Division would like to thank its very generous sponsors:

  • Somerville School of Rock

  • DSA (Downtown Somerville Alliance)

  • LaMountain Marketing Communications

  • Broadway Mentors Program

  • G and J Studios

  • Whitehouse Wind Symphony

  • Indecorous Theatre